Towards the new frontiers of medical science

Scientific advancements in cellular and molecular biology have led to the development of advanced therapies like gene therapy, somatic cell therapy and tissue engineering.

This emerging field of biomedicine offers new opportunities for treating patients affected by diseases or dysfunctions of human body for whom no therapeutic option existed before. The development of Genome-edited T cell Therapies like the Chimeric Antigen Receptor-T cells (CAR-T), the T Cell Receptor Redirected T Cells and more recently the Clustered Regularly Interspaced Short Palindromic Repeats (CRISPR) and CRISPR-associated (Cas) genes has opened new scenarios for the treatment of various onco-hematologic diseased representing a therapeutic revolution as it was the advent of penicillin.

Since cellular therapies allow to recognize and selectively destroy only cancer cells, they represent now the future of cancer therapy, thus raising an enormous interest among pharmaceutical companies.

Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP) are classified as biological drugs according to the Directive 2001/83/EC: they must be produced in authorized laboratories by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) and by the National Transplant Center (CNT).

Research and development of cellular therapies are currently a prerogative of Universities and Hospitals. In this context, LTCA represents a medical center of excellence thanks to the expertise of its staff and the availability of dedicated equipment.


Translational research

a facility at the forefront with numerous specialization areas

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Cellular selection

In support of the transplant program of S. Bortolo Hospital

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Advanced Cell Therapy

for cell manipulation in asepsis

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substantial (ATMP) and non-substantial manipulation

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a staff of researchers from excellent Universities

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Hematology Department

is involved in the diagnosis and therapy of hematologic diseases, operating through 4 well-structured sub-units

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