LTCA is active part of the bone marrow transplant center of Vicenza Hospital, in collaboration with the Transfusion Medicine Department directed by Dr. Alberta Alghisi.

The Cell Selection Laboratory performs non-substantial cell manipulation procedures, in which cell activation and/or stimulation of cell proliferation do not occur.

This activity is carried out in a specific controlled contamination room, grade A laminar flow hood with a grade D background, equipped with a cell separator (CliniMACS®Sistem, Miltenyi), a refrigerated centrifuge for bags, sterile connector, welding tubes and additional supportive instrumentation.

The core of this Laboratory is the cell separator, which enables to perform clinical-scale magnetic enrichment of target cells or depletion of unwanted cells in a closed and sterile system, with enormous clinical advantages for transplanted patients.

The Cell Selection Laboratory has been accredited by JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-EBMT) and Transplant National Center (CNT). Cell products are released under responsibility of Transfusion Medicine Department of Vicenza Hospital.

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