About us

The Advanced Cellular Therapy Laboratory (LTCA) is a part of the Hematology Unit of Vicenza Hospital (ULSS8 Berica). The lab is located at Palazzo Giustiniani-Baggio, an historical building sited in the center of Vicenza. LTCA has been realized thanks to the will of the former head of the Hematology Prof. Francesco Rodeghiero.

In 2006, Cariverona Foundation financed with 1,7 millions of euros (2/3 of the total cost) the realization of a laboratory for the treatment of blood diseases, while the remaining amount was funded directly by Vicenza Hospital. In this project, the staff training was a crucial part which was assigned to the Hematology Project Foundation.

In 2008, Veneto Regional Council deliberated the reorganization of regional planning over the collection, manipulation, storage and distribution of stem cells and other bio-products for advanced therapies, outlining a network for advanced therapies in hematology with Vicenza participating as leader. Once the work and procedures were completed, on January 2011, the Advanced Cellular Therapy Laboratory, initially located on the ground floor, has become operational.

On April 2013, Cell Selection Laboratory was operational. This laboratory is committed to not-substantial manipulation procedures in the field of transplantation for the treatment of onco-hematologic diseases, in close collaboration with the Transfusion Medicine Department that is responsible for product release.

Following inspection on March 2015, Cell Selection Laboratory has gained accreditation by JACIE (Joint Accreditation Committee ISCT-EBMT) and by Transplant National Center (CNT).

Since May 2016 the GMP laboratories are also operative.

sINCE aPRIL, 2019 LTCA has been authorisede by the Italian Drug Agency (AIFA) to the poroduction of cellular therapy products (Mesenchymal stromal cells).