Organization Chart

Thanks to specific agreements with Verona, Padua and Novara Universities, several graduating and PhD students joined the lab. Moreover we regularly host High-School students for summer internships, within Work-related learning projects.

Giuseppe Astori

Biologist, Specialist in microbiology and virology. Technical Director and Qualified Person. Responsible for product release, regulatory affairs and translational research.

Martina Bernardi

Biologist, responsible for production and researcher.

Daniela Catanzaro

Master Degree in pharmaceutical chemistry and technology. PhD in pharmacology. Researcher.

Francesca Elice

Medical Doctor, Hematologist.

Anna Merlo

Master Degree in Biotechnology. Postgraduate specialization clinical biochemistry, University of Padua. Researcher. Operator in quality control area.

Olivia Marini

PhD in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Pathology Specialized Degree in Molecular and Industrial Biotechniques

Luisa Galla

Master Degree in Biotechnology. Master Degree in Biology and Biomedical Application, Postgraduate specialization clinical biochemistry, University of Padua. Head of Quality Control.

Laura Zocca

Master Degree in Medical Biotechnology.